Professional female voice talent provides voiceovers for narration, radio and TV commercials, promos, liners, sweepers and on hold/voice prompts.

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Radio station logos from some of our radio imaging clients.Radio Voice Imaging Services by Jennifer Vaughn

Jennifer Vaughn was one of the first female voice talents in the business to offer voice imaging services to radio stations and is by far the most experienced with well over 200 stations to her credit to date in virtually every single radio format. Sweepers, liners, promos, and id's by Jennifer Vaughn are the most recognizable in the business. She is not only heard from coast to coast, but from one side of the planet to the other. Listen to demos now!

From Singapore to the Pacific Islands, the Continental Americas to many European and Middle Eastern countries, she has more than made her mark on virtually every geographic area of the globe. Get a rate by clicking on the "Rate" icon above. Be sure to include your market, ordering frequency (ex. 2 pages per week), and whether you require dry voice only or fully produced liners and promos. To view other clients using JVVI voice over services, click here. You're in good company!

She continues her rein as a leader in radio imaging in new technology, with over 30 Internet Radio stations and 12 different mix programs to her credit.  From one extreme to another, Jennifer is heard on which is motivational and inspirational talk, to 1.FM which is the web's leading internet radio dial with dozens of channels, where she performs drops for the hippest of their Dance channels.  She is also very popular with DJ's at clubs and huge dance events around the globe, performing their drops and event announcements fully mixed and ready to go.

Pick your format and listen to the demo!

Click the above picture to Listen Live NOW as Jennifer's Drops are used on ElectricFM, one of the leaders in the Internet music revolution.








» Dance Event Trailer


Not looking for Radio Imaging/Jingles? Look at the green menu of voice over services to the left for other types of voice over services offered by Jennifer Vaughn. Click on them to view and listen to those particular voiceover demo samples.

Count Down!
Listen to the demo above! Now you can get a generic voiced COUNTDOWN from 1 to 100 for ONLY $45! Use it for music countdowns, top 10, 25, 50 or 100 lists, etc. To purchase, contact with Purchase Countdown in your subject line.

If you need information you can't find at, feel free to email or call (239) 282-8488.

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