Professional female voice talent provides voiceovers for narration, radio and TV commercials, promos, liners, sweepers and on hold/voice prompts.

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Character Voiceovers

Character Voice Actress

Character voices for Cartoons, Animation, Gaming, Spots, Role play, Anime, and Audio Books

Character voice actress, Jennifer Vaughn, performs voice over characterizations of children all the way up to grandma, in a realistic or in an exaggerated stereo typical voice over performance. Either way, video gaming companies, animators, producers and casting agents all across the world choose Jennifer for her extremely versatile repertoire of character voice type performances in various accents, ages, attitudes, and ethnicities.

She is so versatile in fact, that a lot of the producers and directors cast her for several voice over roles within the same voice over project which keeps budgets in check. Audio book publishers are just as impressed with the amount of character voice over work she is able to put into her character voice performances along with the role of the book's narrator.

Jennifer Vaughn is often immediately available for hard deadlines with same day service or within 24 hours via Internet delivered audio and she is also available via ISDN if needed.

Below, sample a few of the voice over characterization projects Jennifer's been the principal voice over performer on, along with her Characterization Voice Over Demo.

Listen to Demos!

Characterization Voice Over Demo
Born into Darkness Born Into Darkness
Autumns Treasures Autumn's Treasures - The Jade Coin
Rover Rob Download or order her latest published book: Rover Rob's Tales - The Life of a Pirate Dog with Grace O'Malley, the Irish Sea Queen

If you need information you can't find at, feel free to email or call (239) 282-8488.

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